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About Rose + Ray

Welcome to Rose and Ray!  A small town clothing store with so much more!  Deena was inspired to start a business that would help people love how they look, no matter how they look.  In the early days that was through lash extensions and selling accessories, lotions and clothing based out of her home and parents' garage.  Deena's passion for her family and hometown is evident in everything she does.  She idolizes her Baba and Grandma and felt it was important to honor them in this venture by using their middle names for her store.

With the continued support of Lenora, Deena's Mom, the business continued to grow, and the storefront was opened in 2018 in Norquay, a small town in Saskatchewan with a population under 500.   Andria joined the team as the doors opened and has been a welcome addition to the R+R family.  These three fabulous women know how to make you feel welcome and will bring a smile to your face the minute you walk through the door.


R+R loves the beauty of small towns and the beauty of the people in them, striving to support and highlight local communities offering the fun and comfortable atmosphere you get in store to their online customers too (especially through the very entertaining Facebook Lives every Thursday).


We want to connect, talk and get to know you, and most importantly we want you to love how you look, no matter how you look.

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Definitely worth checking out. There is lots of great quality items and a happy sale staff who are helpful and obviously enjoy their workplace. Make a point of stopping in. You will be glad you did.

Pelly, Sask

I love Rose & Ray! Their service is amazing and I love the feeling when I enter the store. There is always something new to find! I recently moved away and needed to find a gift, they went out of their way to find exactly what I was looking for and sent it away for me! Now that's service!

Breton, AB

Very cute store. Glad to see young entrepreneurs in Norquay and area.


Friendly workers and super cute stuff! Inventory is constantly updated!